Sunday, 22 December 2013

Classic Rich Christmas Cake

I wanted to do something different this christmas and decided to make and decorate my Christmas Cake from sratch. I made this cake about two months ago to allow to brandy to 'feed' into the cake I followed a Mary Berry recipe 'Classic Rich Christmas Cake' from her Baking Bible book. 

I covered the cover in marzipan a week before decorating, I used Renshaw fondant icing for decorating, I used plunger cutters to make my holly and snowflake decorations, I embossed the red ribbon with a modelling tool for an added effect. 
It is best to leave the cake for a few days before serving to allow the icing to harden.

With the marzipan leftovers I made a selection of marzipan fruits. These are a great idea for a homemade christmas gift for those marzipan lovers and so simple to make! 

How to make:
You can buy a pack of marzipan from your local supermarket.
Whether you are using a whole pack or leftovers, like myself, cover you work surface in cornflour and divide each one into the size of a golf ball.
Add your food colouring/paste (red or green) depending which fruit you want to make.
Shape your marzipan into your chosen fruits
For an added effect, gently push one clove into the top of each banana and apple, I also cut out small green leaves for the apples and tops of the strawberries (refer to the picture for more help)
Finally place each one into a small petit four cases I used gold and silver cases for a festice feel.
You can buy small boxes in cake shops to present your marzipan fruits, however I used small polythene bag and tided a red ribbon around the top. 

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